Do you want to be the first to try our new Export and Import Excel app?

Great news for Revit power users: we are working on a plugin for Revit to export data to an Excel file, make (bulk) changes and import data into your Revit project again, without any hassle. You can make the selection of data you like (the whole project or just a selection of it, you decide).  We are currently looking for testers to try this paid app for free for 2 weeks!

How does it work?
Leave your contact details on this page. You will receive a download link for the app/plugin on our store. Install it. Start Revit. Select the Stabiplan ribbon. Click on the plugin. Login with your MEPcontent credentials. Start exporting to Excel, edit your data and import to Revit, to make your data better shareable and more accessible for project partners. 

What makes it different from plain Revit? 
It is difficult to extract your data with plain Revit. In combination with Excel, this tool makes it very easy to extract your data and it also has the possiblity to import modifed data again. On and on, so when you have new data or an update to data you can get it into your project or out of your project in no time. It will make you way more efficient when it comes to data updates and data sharing from excel to Revit and the other way around. Benefit from the combined functionalities of two very powerful tools: Autodesk Revit and Microsoft Excel, try the app and see it for yourself. 

Please let me know by leaving your email address on the form on this page and I will contact you with a download link to the app. We have only room for 20 app testers per country and I will give the free trial period only this time.

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