Your own customized App for Revit?

Let MEP engineers work directly with your own products in Revit through your own App. BIM is increasingly important. Make sure to reach MEP engineers at the moment of design- and purchase decision with your own customized App for Revit. 

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4 steps to get your own App:

  1. Join
    The largest community of MEP engineers, contractors and manufacturers worldwide: 
    Thousands of engineers use our BIM platform on a daily basis.

  2. Select
    Your products that are available to MEP engineers. Gather and bundle the data you want to share with Revit users, such as technical and trade information.

  3. Deliver
    Your product information to our content factory using our web services. The factory will transform your data into a user friendly App for Revit.

  4. Publish
    Whether you have mechanical or electrical products: we have a Revit App that matches your product range. Publish your App in our store to reach a large group of MEP engineers and join other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric and ABB who made the same move.

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